Simple Mining V°2

An easily accessible machine for novices!

  • A turnkey machine

  • Hardware and software provided operational

  • It offers the best remote control on the market

Fiche Info
Close Machine
Electrical installation required
220~240 V
H - 40.0 cm L - 90.0 cm W - 18 cm
24 kg
800W (+/- 10%)
300 mh/s

Why "Simple Mining"

  • We wanted to create this machine for all those who decide to get into Mining, but who don’t understand anything about it
  • To give the opportunity to anyone to participate in the development of the blockchain
  • That you start mining quickly and simply
  • With support that lasts over time
  • But above all, to create ever more efficient machines that adapt to the most profitable and efficient technology of its time

Però aquest sistema no pot funcionar per si sol, necessita energia.

I aquí és on entren en joc els miners.

Remote control

  • Software is included and operational from the start
  •   Machine remote control
  • Temperature control for optimal gains
  • Optimization of voltage and power consumption
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine
  • Or trust our algorithm which chooses the most profitable cryptocurrency


  • Hardware integrated and operational from the start
  •   Daily monitoring of your machine
  • Track each graphics card independently
  • Automated restart when a graphics card has a problem
  • 3 Maintenance subscription formulas

Nos offres d'abonnements

Si vous souhaitez commander une machine, mais que vous ne savez pas comment l'utiliser, alors nous vous proposons de regarder nos offres d'abonnements, qui vont de la simple surveillance à la gestion complète de votre machine à distance

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